Starting November 2022, I will join the Department of CSE at IIT Kanpur as an Assistant Professor. I’m actively looking for undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs to work with me on problems on human factors in software engineering, end-user programming, or on tech adoption among low-expertise users. 

Hi there!  If you are wondering how to pronounce my name, it is  /ʃrut̪i/ or sh-ru-thi.

I am a human-computer interaction researcher, so I am excited by anything that has to do with people and technology (especially with respect to information and problem solving!). The cool thing is that I get to people watch as part of my job! In the past, this has mostly been programmer watching, with elements of information seeking, or AI, or such thrown in. 

Most recently, I was a HCI researcher in the Calc Intelligence group at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom, where I obsessed (and still obsess) about various aspects of end-user programming (i.e., helping non-programmers program to accomplish some task). 

Before joining Microsoft Research, I got my M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science advised by the awesome Margaret Burnett at Oregon State University.  Before that, I was a software developer at ThoughtWorks. (I still strongly identify myself as a developer!). 

Outside of Computer Science, I have an interest in Indian history, philosophy, performing arts, mythology and textile and culinary traditions. I’m a student and teacher of Sanskrit. I’m married to Dr. Sudarshan Narayanan, a materials scientist, and fellow Sanskrit lover.