I’m Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan. People call me by my first name, Sruti (pronounced as /ʃrut̪i/ or sh-ru-thi).

I am a CS PhD candidate working with Dr. Margaret Burnett at Oregon State University. My research interests lie in Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Information Interaction.

My research focuses on how programmers seek information:

  1. how they find code among program variants in exploratory programming
  2. how they seek information in software history and version control systems
  3. how novice programmers seek information on the web.

In a past avatar, I was a software developer at ThoughtWorks. My primary responsibilities involved design and implementation of software, but I also dabbled quite a bit with understanding users, businesses and requirements and automated testing. See here for a list of  projects  that I worked on.

I come from the city with the second longest beach. I speak two classical languages: Tamil (native speaker) and Sanskrit (working knowledge).