Art of India

Among the fondest of my childhood memories is to watch and assist my mom and my more-artistically-capable sister in their art and craft projects. Over the years, I have made a few personal attempts at craft — popsicle stick crafts, paper quilling, jewellery making and the like. And my interest only continues to increase.

Recently, we got our own apartment in Chennai. Among my wishes is to decorate the house with decor based on Indian art, craft and history. Among the first in this list is to get a Karaikudi pillar and that is done. Additionally, mom also picked up one of those animal-shaped Chettinad locks and a vintage brass door knocker. In the coming years, I want to add my own hand-made art to the list.

In this blog post, I want to collect a list of those art forms — some of them I want to try making.

  1. Lippan kaam (mud and mirror work) of Gujarat
  2. Worli from Maharashtra
  3. Kalamkari from Andhra pradesh
  4. Tanjore painting from Tamil Nadu (I have one of these, yaay!)
  5. Dhokra art made by tribes of Odisha (I have one of these too!)
  6. Dasavatara / Ramayana (or the other) ganjifa of Bishnupur/Odisha
  7. Terracotta of West Bengal
  8. Madhubani painting from Mithila, Bihar
  9. Mural paintings from Kerala (sorry, Ravi Varma fans!)
  10. A kathakali mask (I guess I could make it from plaster of paris and sculpture clay!)
  11. Wood inlay paintings from Karnataka
  12. Meenakari painting from Rajasthan

Here is also a list of dolls I want to gather for my golu:

  1. Tanjore talayatti
  2. Kondapalli dolls (Andhra Pradesh)
  3. Chennapatna dolls (Karnataka)
  4. Marble dolls from Rajasthan

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