Handlooms of India

India is a land of diversity — be it religion, dance, music, food or clothing. One of the most enchanting things about India to every girl that grew up in the land of Bharata is the sarees of our mothers and grandmothers, and more recently the handloom salwars, kurtas and dupattas. I am no different.

Ever since the uniform-clad days ended, I have always been in favor of cottons and cotton blends. Some include power looms and mills, but I had my favorite handlooms churidar sets that I bought all the time–  mangalagiri, kanchi cotton pochampally ikkat, sungudi, the co-optex ones and the gujarati bandhani. The love has recently seeped into sarees, thanks to my growing collection of sarees post wedding.

My wedding trosseau featured a few handloom silk varieties (Kanjeevaram, Uppada, Salem, Bangalore, Mysore silk, a hand-embroidered Tussar) and as part of the various gifts, I also received a few handloom cotton sarees (a Bengal cotton, a handloom silk cotton and now a Chettinad saree). And, as the gita has rightly warned, the indulgence has only increased my craving for more. Like every saree fan out there, I want to add atleast one of each kind of handloom saree in the country to my wardrobe.

Here, I collect a list of handloom weaves by state, gathering both silk and cotton varieties. Mr.Husband, friends and countrymen, hear y’all, this is my running wishlist and you are welcome to contribute generously to my wardrobe. <My sheepish grin />. Peace.

Handlooms of India by State.

If you know of a new variety, leave me a comment with additional information. Comments that seek to market products will be removed (I’m the arbiter here! :))

More power to sarees and desi women!



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